Combined business to be a strong converged provider and a key player in the further development of the Greek telecommunications sector

United Group on Tuesday unveiled a joint management team for Nova and Wind that will lead the merger of the two businesses, taking the next step in the creation of a new key player in the Greek telecommunications sector that will be a strong provider of fixed, mobile and pay-TV services.

Made up of executives from Nova and Wind, the joint management team combines all the experience, market knowledge and expertise that have been developed by the two companies over more than three decades. Together, the two have a solid foothold in the Greek market with around 5 million subscribers and a network of more than 200 stores.

The Nova-Wind leadership team, in collaboration with United Group management, will now focus on integrating the companies to create a new corporate entity with the size, scope and expertise to be a leading force in the further development of the Greek telecommunications sector and in the country’s digital transformation.

As the leading provider of telecommunications and media in Southeast Europe, United Group is committed to bringing Greek consumers the very best in products and services that the industry has to offer. Greece, with its strong dynamics, is both an important and attractive market for the Group, which operates many of the region’s most successful telecommunications and media brands.

United Group has already invested €1.4 billion in Greece since it first enter the market in 2020 and it will invest another €1.3 billion in the country over the next five years, focusing on priorities including expanding its fibre-optic network, rolling out 5G, and pay TV.

United Group Chief Executive Victoriya Boklag: “There is a tremendous amount of talent and skill in both organisations. We’re pleased to have a very experienced management team to lead them into the next phase of their development and to prepare their people to jointly make the most of the considerable opportunities the Greek market offers.”

Boklag added: “I’d also like to thank Haris Kyriakopoulos for his contribution as Wind’s CEO over the past three months. During the transition period Wind and its team continued their outstanding commercial momentum.”

Nova-Wind CEO Panayotis Georgiopoulos: “I’m honoured to have been entrusted with my fellow management team members to lead the integration of Wind and Nova. I’m excited about the work ahead and the possibilities that will be unleashed as we combine these two great teams and transform the business. This is an opportunity to evolve and expand our offering to consumers and businesses, showcasing even greater dynamics.”

The members of the joint Nova-Wind management team are:

  • Panayotis Georgiopoulos, Chief Executive Officer
  • Kiki Silvestriadou, Chief Executive Officer Nova Media
  • George Lamprou, Chief Financial Officer
  • Michalis Anagnostakos, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Christos Noulis, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Dimitris Papazafiropoulos, Technical Chief Operations Officer
  • Katerina Maniadaki, Legal & Regulatory Executive Director
  • George Tsaprounis, Corporate Affairs Executive Director
  • Maria Stergiou, B2B Executive Director
  • Alexandros Bregiannis, Public & ICT Executive Director

A Chief Technology Officer will be appointed in due course.