United Group has recently received a B score in its CDP submission for Climate Change. This achievement serves as a testament to the significant progress that we have made in our sustainability journey.

The CDP scoring system evaluates companies based on the comprehensiveness of their disclosure, their awareness and management of environmental risks and opportunities. This score signifies that United Group is actively managing climate change-related risks and opportunities, and that our efforts in this area are substantial and credible.

Miriam Di Traglia, United Group’s Executive Director Compliance, Risk & Sustainability said: “This score demonstrates our commitment to integrating responsible practices into every aspect of our business. It highlights our proactive approach to managing climate risks and seizing opportunities for positive change. We are proud of how far we have come, and we are even more excited about the road ahead. This result motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries fostering a more resilient future.”

While we celebrate this milestone, we recognize that our journey towards sustainability is ongoing. We remain committed to continuous improvement, ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of environmental responsibility and social impact.