Tele2 Croatia, another successful telecommunications company, has officially become part of the United Group family, as part of an investment valued at EUR 220 million. With new support and further investment by United Group, Tele2 will have even greater potential to continue its business growth trend in Croatia.

“The acquisition of Tele2 Croatia is for all of us an important step in further strengthening the position of leading telecommunications and media operator in Southeast Europe. We believe that further investment by United Group in the Croatian market will provide additional conveniences to users who have already put their trust in Tele2, but will also attract new users with the network quality, the appealing offer and superb service,” stated United Group CEO Victoriya Boklag.

Ms. Boklag pointed out that United Group will continue expanding its operations in European Union countries and conquering new markets, as was the case with the acquisition of Vivacom, the largest telecommunications operator in Bulgaria.

“Over the past nearly 15 years, thanks to its energy, engagement, expertise and dedicated work, Tele2 Croatia has developed into a respectable and successful company. In 2019 we passed a million users, and ended the year with more than EUR 200 million in revenue. I am convinced that us joining United Group will make it possible not only to continue the positive trends that we have reported in recent years, but also give us an additional wind in our sail, to make us an even stronger and more ambitious player in the market. Our focus is and will always be on our users, therefore we will continue to monitor their needs, so that we will always take one step more, and offer them even greater value for their money,” said Tele2 Croatia CEO Viktor Pavlinić.

In the 20 years of its operation, United Group has acquired and successfully integrated more than 100 companies. Every year it also allocates significant funds for the development of infrastructure, technology and media. Last year alone EUR 150 million was invested in the fixed-line and mobile network, existing operations, with an additional EUR 150 million invested in television content, including EUR 64 million in its own production.

United Group is owned by BC Partners, one of the world’s largest global investment companies, and it operates in six countries through companies such as SBB, Telemach and United Media, as well as television channels Sport Klub, N1 and Nova TV. It has the widest network coverage in the region and offers users the most appealing selection of television content from around the world. Together with its global OTT service, it has 3.87 million users in 1.8 million homes, and more than 4,500 employees, who were joined by the Tele2 Croatia mobile operator in March 2020.