United Group announced on Monday that appointed Boyan Karshakov as Group Energy Management Director.

This is a newly created role and Karshakov’s appointment reflects the importance that United Group’s management places on continuous efforts to manage the company’s energy footprint and further strengthen the sustainability of its operations.

In this position, Karshakov will be responsible for helping to ensure the most effective management of energy resources across United Group and its operating companies. This includes strategies to reduce energy consumption and encourage the use of energy from renewable resources as well as the development of a group-wide approach to manage power purchasing costs and risks.

Karshakov will also play an important role in the development of the Group’s energy infrastructure, overseeing the construction and operation of United Group’s own renewable power generation plants.

He will also contribute to the further development of the Group’s ESG policies and lead the development of carbon management policies within United Group’s companies.

Finally, as part of his responsibilities, Karshakov will directly oversee the management of United Group’s wind farm in Bulgaria.

Karshakov’s professional experience includes more than 16 years in the energy sector in a variety of executive roles that have covered generation, distribution, wholesale, and the delivery of electricity to end consumers in several countries.