Telemach became the first operator in Slovenia to offer users a full 5G experience with the launch of its new generation mobile network. Available in the most frequented parts of the capital Ljubljana, the network was introduced on 15 June and offer speeds of more than 1 Gbps.

“Telemach has been preparing for 5G mobile technology for a long time. Now that chapter has finally begun. The transition to 5G technology will enable us to provide new and improved services to users and help us grow further, strengthening our position on the Slovenian market,” said Telemach Slovenia CEO Adrian Ježina.

Ježina added that the company planned to invest more than EUR 100 million in advanced mobile technology in the coming years.

In April, Telemach Slovenia spent EUR 51.6 million on frequencies in Slovenia’s 5G auction, increasing its spectrum by as much as 3.5 times.

“This was an investment in ensuring the quality and capacity of Telemach’s mobile network. With the acquired frequencies Telemach Slovenia is creating space for the further improvement of the mobile services it offers,” Ježina said.

In addition to further growing Telemach’s market share, 5G technology will support the contribution that the company is making to the digitalisation of Slovenian society.

5G is the first mobile communication system that is aimed primarily at machines, rather than at people. While it brings significantly higher speeds and minimal delays to individuals, it is above all a revolution in machine connectivity.

5G will help develop smart industries across sectors as diverse as manufacturing, agriculture and health while bringing benefits – most not even yet imagined – to almost every aspect of modern society. In combination with the Internet of Things, 5G technology will also make it possible to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and enable the more efficient use of energy sources.

“As a society we are only just beginning to explore the possibilities that 5G offers, but with Telemach’s help the first step into a new era of telecommunications in Slovenia has been made,” Ježina said.