United Media’s, a member of United Group, N1 Television channel is licensed to broadcast via a digital terrestrial signal throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The license follows the decision of Bosnia and Herzegovina to proceed with the digitization of the television broadcasting market in the area and was awarded to N1 Television by a public competition organized by Bosnia’s Communications Regulatory Agency (RAK) which is the area’s media watchdog.

Henceforth, N1 television will be visible on the territory of the entire country, giving all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, access to the independent and trustworthy journalism practiced at N1 channel.

As an news cable channel, N1 has existed since 2014. It employs 100 people and has profiled itself in the public eye as a television that citizens trust, as proven by the April 2022 survey by Ipsos, which showed that audiences consider N1 among the most trusted television stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.