United Group introduces EON Connect, an innovative new service that gives customers control over their in-home internet like never before, as well as tools that make the internet a safer place for kids.

EON Connect – which is initially being offered in Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro – makes WiFi & LAN management quick and easy with a user-friendly app for mobile phone or tablet. The app is available for iOS, Android and Huawei devices.

The service is free for SBB and Telemach users subscribing to EON FULL or EON PREMIUM packages and who also have more advanced modems. It was developed by United Cloud, United Group’s innovation centre, which also created the Group’s award-winning EON TV platform.

In addition to optimizing a WiFi network with a single click, EON Connect provides improved security and control. For example, customers can create user profiles and manage devices per profile, configuring rules and privileges for each.

Parental controls make it possible to filter content by category – allowing customers to restrict a child’s access to social networks or certain categories of content deemed inappropriate, set limits on data usage, restrict access to the internet when it’s time to sleep or do homework, and instantly pause the internet on any device or profile.

They can also manage internet usage, see a list of devices connected to their home network, and create a guest WiFi network.

“EON Connect is another example of the role the United Cloud development team plays in the innovative products and services that United Group delivers to customers,” said United Cloud CEO Srđan Đurđević.

“The result of the team’s collaboration across the Group is this revolutionary service, confirming once again that we are both a leader and a driving force in our industry.”

United Cloud is the leading R&D centre in Southeast Europe and consists of more than 200 skilled professionals, including engineers, product developers and innovators, and UX/UI designers. They work across five locations in three different countries.