Vana Henriksen
Executive Director Marketing

Vana Henriksen, an accomplished Executive Marketing Director with over 20 years of advertising experience, has a proven track record of designing powerful brands, campaigns, and PR strategies that increase shareholder value and customer loyalty.

Since she joined United Group in 2011, she has played a crucial role in transforming the company into an international media and telecommunications operator, by accelerating its digital capabilities and creating distinctive brands and campaigns. As the leader of brand, communication, digital performance, and UX strategy, Vana is responsible for enhancing United Group’s brand recognition and competitiveness through various marketing strategies.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television production and has received numerous international marketing awards, serving as a juror at the Effie Awards for several years.

Vana is a passionate innovation and social psychology enthusiast who enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, who are her biggest supporters and inspiration.