Marko Miletić
Executive Director Core Networks

As Executive Director Core Networks, Marko Miletić is responsible for United Group’s core networks planning, building, and support as well as networks strategy. With a vast knowledge of telecommunication engineering and extensive experience in the ICT sector, he is passionate about innovative solutions which help maximizing networks’ capacity, flexibility, and operational efficiencies thus improving customers’ experience.

Marko joined United Group in 2010, following the acquisition of his company, the first VoIP provider in Serbia. From that moment, he played a key role in establishing fixed telephony services in all companies acquired by United Group. In addition, he led various strategic projects including, core swap, roaming services, billing, mediation, messaging, eSIM, and VPN services.

Marko started his career at Avaya, a leader in customer experience and cloud solutions provider, focusing on the implementation of their contact centre solution. Subsequently, he held different roles in other ICT companies in the EMEA region, including Nice, where he worked on the recording systems. In 2004, he became Chief Technology Officer of the Serbian’s operating company of Geomant. Later on he worked as private entrepreneur, until the acquisition of his business in 2010.

Marko holds a Bachelor’s Degree in organizational science and a Master Degree in IT.