Dragan Šolak founded United Group along with his family in 2000. Mr. Šolak was CEO of the company from 2000 until 2008, when he was appointed Chairman of the Board. Today he is responsible for strategic guidance at United Group and spearheads further development of the company, which is the leading multi-play telecoms and media provider in South East Europe.

Under Mr. Šolak’s stewardship, United Group has grown both organically and through acquisitions to become one of the largest and most successful companies in the region with 11 million customers and 12,500 employees across eight markets.

He continues to lead the transformation of United Group into a unique and powerful ecosystem of telecom, media, advertising and technology companies.

True to Mr. Šolak’s ethos, entrepreneurship is central to the company. Core to its success is delivering the best customer experience, leading industry innovation, and an in-house technology and software center that drives productivity and efficiency. United Group is also setting industry standards for sustainable business in the region and has secured high marks for ESG factors. The company boasts the industry’s largest number of women in executive roles and has an ongoing commitment to developing local talent.

Furthermore, through the United Group Foundation, the business Mr. Šolak founded is fostering the development of communities in the region with programs, for example, to support education, healthcare, culture and the arts.

Mr. Šolak is an entrepreneur who has founded numerous other companies, including the motion picture production and distribution company VANS, which he established in 1990 with a group of friends and movie enthusiasts. That was followed by other green field investments, primarily in the media industry.

Mr. Šolak is a passionate golfer. He is deeply involved in the development of golf in the Balkan region and serves as President of the Serbian Golf Association as well as Chairman of the Board of the international golf group Eligo.