Dragan Šolak founded United Group in 2000. He was Chief Executive Officer from 2000 until 2008, when he was appointed Chairman of the Board. Today he is responsible for strategic guidance and spearheads ongoing development of the company.

Under Mr. Šolak’s stewardship the company has grown a small cable operator in Central Serbia to become a regional leader delivering broadband, mobile, and pay-TV services a market of more than 40 million people across eight countries.

Today, United Group generates more than EUR 2 billion annually and its strong growth trajectory continues with Mr. Šolak continuing to lead the company’s evolution into a unique ecosystem of telecom, media, advertising, and technology companies.

True to Mr. Šolak’s ethos, entrepreneurship is central to the company. This includes, with a continuous focus on delivering the best customer experience and leading industry innovation, which United Group does in part based on its own in-house innovation centre United Cloud.

With its strong commitment to ESG and responsible business practices, United Group is also helping to set industry standards for sustainability in the region. The company boasts the industry’s largest number of women in executive roles and has an ongoing commitment to developing local talent. It has also committed to reducing its environmental impact, including by making significant reductions in carbon output.

Furthermore, United Group is fostering the healthy development of communities across the region with a whole host of programmes that support education, environment, arts and culture, as well as other causes that are important to the wellbeing of the company’s stakeholders.

Mr. Šolak has founded many other companies, including the motion picture production and distribution company VANS, which he established in 1990 with a group of friends and movie enthusiasts.

Mr. Šolak is a passionate golfer. He was deeply involved in the development of golf in the Balkan region and serves as Chairman of the Board of the international golf group Eligo.